Webinar: Neuroscience hacks for learning – unleash your natural brain power

Neuroscience hacks for learning – unleash your natural brain power

A Lumesse Learning webinar sponsored by me:time

What happens in the brain when you’re learning? How does our ‘caveman’ brain, designed for survival on the savannahs of prehistory, operate in the modern 24/7, always-on digital world – and how can we use the knowledge of that heritage to supercharge its learning potential?

Neuroscience is the number one hot topic in learning at the moment. Drawing on behavioural science principles, Charlotte Hills describes the latest advances in knowledge about the brain, and how you can create the best conditions for your brain to learn.

  • Your irrational brain
  • Why struggle is good when you’re learning
  • Strategies to optimise learning


In this webinar you’ll hear from:


Charlotte Hills (Lumesse Learning) is an award-winning learning designer and published research assistant.  Specialising in medical content, Charlotte uses adult learning principles from neuroscience and psychology literature to create effective learning and drive adoption. 

Charlotte is currently completing a PhD in face and word recognition at Warwick University.


Carl Crisostomo (Lumesse Learning) is a committed advocate for self-directed learning and will tell you about something new in the world of learning technologies, me:time, that can help you power a culture of learning in your organisation during Learning at Work Week – and beyond.