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me:time is a curated, on-demand service designed for employees to learn what, when and where they want, on any device. An affordable, simple way to help your people to go beyond their ordinary. 

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On-demand learning

me:time is something new. Designed from the ground up with the needs of self-motivated learners in mind, me:time gives instant, anywhere access to curated learning, supported by AI-driven recommendations.

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At a glance

  • Focused on individual needs and goals. Individuals choose learning about whatever they feel motivated to pursue.
  • Instant, anywhere learning, accessed on the full range of digital devices from desktop to mobile.
  • Credits-based subscription system means frictionless access for the user, while ensuring budgetary control for the organisation.
  • Consumer style experience. AI-driven personal learning recommendations cuts through information overload to enable fast discovery of relevant content resources and courses.
  • Wide-ranging curated content from the world’s leading providers, on business skills, personal development – and leisure/lifestyle interest too!


Discover how me:time can help nurture a real culture of learning within your organisation.

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Popular on me:time


Effective Leadership is a 60 minute training course which will improve your knowledge of leadership styles and their effect on teams. You’ll find out about different leadership styles and how to recognise the differences between them.

Project Management

Whether you’re a noob taking your first steps in project management – or a seasoned practitioner looking for a refresher, we have everything you need, including full courses leading to certification.

Lessons from a mentor

James Parr, Consultant, NASA describes the three lessons he learnt from his mentor and how they contributed to his success.

Skills for the future

Problem solving

Finding solutions to difficult problems is a challenge, so why not see if a problem-solving process can help? Develop your problem solving skills and apply various tools and techniques to the problems you face.


Don’t think you’re creative? Think again! Creativity is about more than being artistic. It’s about problem-solving, finding solutions and innovation. Develop your creativity with top tips and practical techniques.

Critical thinking

As automation increases, the need for humans who can employ logic and reasoning increases. Employers want people with critical minds who can evaluate the uses or abuses of the power of technology, and use them to benefit the company, the people in it and the future.


Good collaborators work well with others and can embrace different styles and approaches. They are socially and culturally aware, and can build solid relationships even in difficult circumstances. Check out our collection of courses on collaboration.

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