The New Organisation

Issue 7 is the biggest and (we think) best edition of our ground-breaking Curve magazine to date.
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Powering digital transformation in learning
Mark Cobain of npower writes about his digital transformation journey, and the future of the LMS.

Meet your new survival skill
Stephen Walsh, co-founder of Anders Pink, tells us why he believes continuous learning is important for staying relevant in the new organisation.

Nudge, nudge: time for a change?
Ray Richards from Do Something Different shows how behavioural science can help people take control of their lives.

Financial Times Pulse Survey 2018 
David Wells and Bob Little give us an exclusive deep-dive into the findings of this hot-off-the-press research into global corporate learning.

Design thinking outside the box
Architect Chris Hildrey takes design thinking into the wild, applying it to homelessness, urban landscapes and learning.

Mapping the new trust economy 
Peter Williams talks blockchain and trust with experts in learning, HR and tech.

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